• Kids Martial Arts Training

    Ages 6 to 15 enjoy the benefits of self defense, control, teamwork, balance, and self-discipline.

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  • Advanced Adult Classes

    Adults aged 15+ engage in an aerobic self defense training program involving grappling, using objects, and controlling your opponent.

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Martial Arts for Kids

Our kids are young, but powerful. Ages 5 - 14 years old.

Adult Program

Classes are organized by level. Ages 15+ years old.

Self Defense Training

Physical Fitness and plenty of fun (ages 15 and Up)

Your Freeport Martial Arts Experience.

2 Classes a Week

Classes on Tuesday night and Saturday morning.

Adult & Kids Classes

No matter what level, we have the perfect class to match your skill level.

Online Video

Improve your mastery with our online video membership, featuring expert instruction on your computer.

Certified Instruction

Guru Meyers has a deep background in martial arts, as well as group and individual training.

Enjoy the benefits of the martial arts with us today.

A benefitial program!

The many benefits of our martial arts programs.

Character Development
Expert Instruction
Self Improvement
Balance & Coordination

Dont take our word for it...

What others say about Angkan Kali.

This class is for everyone! Age doesn't matter! I am 9 years old and I enjoy everything I learn in this class! Everything you learn in this class can be used and practiced outside of the classroom. A bully tried punching me in the face at camp when no one was watching him and I used the pass block that I learned in this class... It protected me and shocked the bully! I have a lot of fun in this class! I also use what I learn in this class to teach my Mom and my sister how to protect themselves if I'm not there to help them!

Austin Sundquist

My kids were so excited after their first lesson. The instructors were incrediblypatient and kind, and did a fabulous job. It was fun and challenging, and we can't wait to go again!

Rachel Leverton

Angkan Kali is a fabulous place to learn. Sensei Meyers presents each concept in a way that everyone can understand and is more than willing to work with each person until they get it right. It is not just a "sticks" class... we learn to how to work with others, get in some great cardio with footwork drills, get positive encouragement. I've watched both my and my son's self esteem increase.

We learn how to use the eskrima sticks, self defense, and so much more. For anyone wanting to learn a martial art, this is a fabulous place to start. If you are already practicing another martial art, this will only make you better. I highly recommend it.

Gretchen Houseman

Sensei Meyers is an excellent instructor. I'm humbled by his knowledge and look forward to excelling in this art. Also, great cardio workouts are included... :-)

Jim Palmer

Two of our children had been doing martial arts for 2 years when they began Kali with Sensei Meyers. The Kali movements and techniques have helped our children improve their martial arts while learning more self defense. The footwork and constant movements they learn and practice in Angkan Kali gives them one heck of a cardio workout and also carries over to martial arts sparring helping them defeat their opponents! Our children love Angkan Kali!!

Billie Joe Eisfeller

My daughter is really enjoying Angkan Kali. She is becoming more confident and leaves each class with a feeling of accomplishment. Angkan Kali

is a great physical and mental workout. Sensei Meyers is patient and cares about each of his students. He works with them individually to make sure they understand and are comfortable with the skills being taught in class.

Cindy Newell